wanting to start a conversation with a friend but being paranoid that you’ve been annoying them too much





Hirano Kouta fan art by Solid & Etc 

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I had a feeling you would like the last one


           ♪ There they are lined up in a row ♫
♪Gif-chats, One-liners, Paras as big as your head ♫
          ♪ Can’t deal with this, I’ve hurt my wrist ♫
                    ♪ Rping is fun they said ♫


           ♪ There they are lined up in a row 

Gif-chats, One-liners, Paras as big as your head 

          ♪ Can’t deal with this, I’ve hurt my wrist 

                     Rping is fun they said 

Here I come, Kid!





Preparing a message on the video, Garamoth put himself in the mightiest pose and looked straight at the camera. With a sharp look in his eye and a wide grin, he spoke. “Haha! Hello again, Kid Dracula! A pleasure it is to send you message once again!” He lifted his chin to appear as if he was looking down upon Kid Dracula when he would see this. “This may seem rather sudden, but I’m coming to take over your castle! They say third time’s the charm after all” He leaned in for a close up on his face. “Prepare to have that cutesy little face of yours blasted clean off!” He laughed. “See you soon, little kid!” Giving the tape to one of his alien henchmen, he ordered him to deliver it at once. The alien quickly ran to the spacecraft station and hopped into a little UFO, heading for the castle. 

Kid Dracula was fast asleep in his father’s chair cuddled up to one of his pet bats taking a nap while death cleaned up all of his toys… however his nap would soon end by The garamoth’s lackey breaking though their doors.


Adrian fell off of his throne when he herd the doors open,luckly the bat he was cuddled too flew out of harms way in time before he was crushed.

"WHO DARES WAKE ME UP FROM MY NAP!?…eh?" This didn’t look like one of the demons that worked for him, he was as small as he was. He could have sworn  he seen this guy some where before..


"WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU IN MY CASTLE…." he yawned for a moment and rubbed his tired little eyes "—aawwn…aND HOW THE HECK DID YOU GET PASSED MY DEMONS?!"

The little alien was a bit scared at first, though he was used to being yelled at. With his little hands he tired to hand the message to Kid Dracula. “A m-message from Lord Garamoth..Ki-Kid…” He chickened out;  dropped the message on the floor and ran for the door. The little contraption blinked and a hologram of Garamoth appeared. The hologram gave the recorded message and ended with a laugh.

Kid Dracula clinched his fists and let out a snarl


"So that’s it huh?He just doesnt know when to give up!" seeing the Alien messenger escaping and used one of his firespells to set him on fire just to be spiteful


"well if it’s a fight garamoth wants it’s a fight he’s gonna get and this time Im gonna thrash him good!" He went up to his father’s bed room and opened Dracula’s old trunk where he kept the crimson stone wrapped up in his cape.

"I better take this with me!Now that dad isnt around I have to look after this untill he does come home" Kid Dracula put his father’s old cape on and put the crimson stone in his pocket. "Alright you 3 dingbats lets get a move on!"


The little alien did manage to find an old house for him to hide in. He set up his spaceship and messaged to Garamoth that he found his temporary hiding spot. “Lord Garamoth, sir!I found a place to hide!” he said. “Very good! Now, I need you to wear a disguise you can spy on Kid Dracula!” Garamoth ordered. “Sir yes sir!” the alien replied. He opened up his bin of gadgets and other good to fins a good disguise. he pulled out some stilts, a trench coat with a matching hat, some gloves, a pair of shoes and sunglasses. “This is perfect!” he said to himself. It took him awhile to put it on, but he managed to come out looking like a human in a trench coat…who was kind of tall. He walked out into the village to learn about where he was and to find Kid Dracula, though he didn’t really want to do the whole “finding Kid Dracula” part…

Meanwhile, back the Garamoth’s space station, the Space King himself was bulding some sort of odd device. it looked like some weird gun out of a Sci-Fi movie. “Bwahaha! With this, I can defeat Kid Dracula once and for all!” Garamoth proudly exclaimed. He grabbed a hold of the odd machine and aimed it at a target on a wall father away from him. With a quick brace, he quickly pulled the trigger, But when he did, the machine fell to pieces. “…I’ll defeat him once i fix this” he said grudgingly. 

Kid Dracula traveled though the human village his bat umbrella shadeing him from the sunlight his 3 bats followed behind him though the deserted town… “This is strange….Don’t humans like the sunlight? I thought they slept during the night?!where is everyone???”

One of his bats suggested that they turn back while they still could that the empty village could be a trap but kid dracula declined.

Who is your favorite pairing with your muse

I use to ship Kid Dracula with vanellope but not so much anymore.

However I do I ship Kid Dracula with Marchan!

She’s the witch from his game.❤ (ෆ`꒳´ෆ)

Naomi leaves a plate of cookies with a glass of milk on the table for the young lad.

Kid Dracula was playing “Mad scientist” with his bats using the chemistry set death tried to keep out of his reach.

Adrian herd the platter of cookies and the glass of milk being set down on the table he quickly dropped the test tubes on the floor (thankfully not shattering them) to go eat and see his friend naomi.


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